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The Center for the Advancement of Instruction in Quantitative Reasoning (CAIQR) was established by the Office of the Chancellor in Fall 2016 as recommended by the Academic Senate of the California State University Quantitative Reasoning Task Force (QRTF).  CAIQR is tasked to continuously support the high-quality instruction and curriculum in the high schools, community colleges, and public universities that will better serve the state of California and the U.S.  It also will highlight strategies to enhance the skills of CSU students in quantitative reasoning that they will rely on after graduation. 



The California State University is committed to ensuring that all Californians have the opportunity to earn a high quality college degree. The ​CSU is investigating a recommendation that would require incoming high school students, beginning with the entering freshman class of 2026, to complete one year of quantitative reasoning. This requirement could be fulfilled by coursework in mathematics, science or an elective course with a quantitative reasoning foundation.

This recommendation, originally proposed by CSU faculty, is supported by a growing body of research linking quantitative reasoning preparation with college success, especially benefitting low-income and historically underrepresented students.

Additional quantitative reasoning preparation expands opportunities for all students—​especially underrepresented minority students—to pursue degrees in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields, areas where these students are disproportionally underrepresented.

Information about proposal.

Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda September 24-25, 2019

Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda November 19-20, 2019

Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda January 28-29, 2020