CAIQR Advisory Board

Purpose: To inform the CSU of intersegmental statewide issues that must be addressed in a coherent and uniform manner in assuring that students transition seamlessly and that their needs are met at various grade levels; and to provide CSU with guidance, vital information, ideas, practices, etc., including the facilitation of professional learning in mathematics/quantitative reasoning.


  • 2 CSU faculty appointed by the CSU Academic Senate
  • 4 representatives from Council of Faculty Liaisons
  • Representative from a County Office of Education
  • Representative from a Community College
  • Representative from CA Department of Education
  • Representative from Association of CA School Administrators
  • Representative from CA Math Project or MDTP
  • Representative from a professional mathematics organization

Advisory Board

Academic Senate #1 Katherine Stevenson
Academic Senate #2 David Barsky
ACSA Alain Guevara
ACSA Maria Martinez-Poulin
CDE Lauren F. Aranguren
Council of Faculty Liaisons #1 Michael O'Sullivan
Council of Faculty Liaisons #2 Ji Son
Council of Faculty Liaisons #3 Babette Benken
Council of Faculty Liaisons #4 Tim Hsu
Council of Faculty Liaisons #5 Michael O'Sullivan
HS Math Teacher North #1 David Butterworth
HS Math Teacher North #2 Diana Holland
HS Math Teacher South Lenie Galima
MDTP Kimberly Samaniego
SBE Ilene Straus